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Building an Identity for a Revolutionary Training Platform

Brand Identity  /  Motion Graphics

VoxC2 is a disruptive training and readiness solution, developed by the team at Vectrona Systems and Technologies, that gives players more control of their Battle Management training experiences to reduce training time and cost. VoxC2 leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) voice capabilities within a serious game simulation environment to deliver multi-domain learning across a range of increasingly challenging game scenarios.

We were approached by the team from Vectrona Systems and Technologies to create a brand identity for the VoxC2 product rollout. The identity would need to stand on its own as a unique and recognizable face for the product while still finding it's place within the larger Vectrona Systems and Technologies brand family.


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One of the challenges we faced with this project was creating a logo that would fit seamlessly into the product's user interface while simultaneously working with the parent company's branding.

To accomplish this, we created the logos in two separate colorways; one to match the black and green aesthetic of the user interface and another in a series of dark and light blues to match the parent company's brand palette.

Once we completed the identity design, we collaborated with our wizard of video production and motion graphics, Chris Lane, to bring it to life. The team at Vectrona Systems was looking for a logo animation that was versatile enough to be used in their product launch screen as well as in future marketing efforts. We created a simple radar sweep that seamlessly transformed into the unique logo mark, giving a nod to the identity's inspiration.

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