A Rebrand for Southeastern Virginia's Premier Youth Soccer League

Brand Identity

__________ THE BACK STORY

A Brand Identity for a New Chapter

Tidewater Advanced Soccer League (TASL) provides advanced level soccer to players and member clubs in and around the Hampton Roads region of Southeast Virginia and North Carolina. We had the opportunity to work with TASL as part of a collaboration with our friends at Port & Starboard, who were busy giving TASL's website a facelift.

After continuously growing from their humble grassroots beginnings nearly 15 years ago, TASL's leadership felt that their current identity was no longer a good fit for one of the regions' largest and most respected leagues. Since they were investing in an updated website with a sleek and modern feel, the league's Board of Directors wanted a fresh brand identity to match. We worked with TASL's leadership to craft a brand identity that gave them the modern and professional visual presence that matched their prominent market position.


Bringing the Brand to Life

Once we had established the new brand identity, we took it one step further by designing a sleek business card template to match. We carried the clean lines and bold colors of the logo through to the business cards to create a simple, yet effective means of communicating important contact information.


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