A Professional Identity for an Impressive Startup

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__________ THE BACK STORY

A Clear Vision and a Clean Slate

Seagraves Goaltending was founded by Bailey Seagraves shortly after he accepted the role as Emergency Backup Goaltender for the Columbus Blue Jackets in the NHL. With playing experience at the youth, high school, junior and professional levels, Bailey is passionate about training young goaltenders with a single focus: “Our Goal is to Deny Yours!”.


Bailey came to us in search of a polished and professional brand identity that would match the level of professionalism he brings to each training session and camp. Possessing a keen since of style, Bailey had a clear vision of what he wanted his brand image to be, one that would lend an ever important level of credibility to his young business.


Bringing the Brand to Life

In addition to in-person coaching, Seagraves Goaltending produces supplemental training resources via their YouTube channel. Bailey wanted to be able extend his brand identity to this series of videos in a clean, consistent, and professional way.

We helped him accomplish this goal by creating a short logo animation that will be placed at the start of each video and act as a recognizable, on-brand introduction.

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