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Customer Case Study: Court Street Coffee


This week we launched the new website for Court Street Coffee in Athens, OH. Court Street Coffee is a family-owned cafe that has been serving up high quality coffee, delicious food from local farms and bakeries, and a friendly, community-focused atmosphere to the city of Athens for nearly a decade. The goal with this project was to update Court Street Coffee’s web presence and give their website a more sophisticated look and feel to better align with their brand image.

Court Street Coffee's original website


Court Street Coffee’s original website was nearing 10 years old and was causing the owners several pain points:

  • Brand Image: While the old website served its purposes well during the majority of its 10 years of life, it no longer conveyed the brand image that the Court Street Coffee ownership wanted emphasize. Being located in a college town and competing against several coffee shops, Court Street Coffee wanted to differentiate itself by providing a sophisticated and refined cafe experience, attracting more of the college professor and young professional crowd.

  • Out of Date: Due to the fact that the website was not easy to update, there was a fair amount of outdated information, including old/incorrect menu prices. This was a serious issue as it was causing customer confusion.

  • Mobile Responsiveness: The old site was not designed to be mobile responsive, and therefore, was difficult to view on mobile devices. Being located in a college town and having a tech-savvy customer base primarily made up of students and professors, a mobile friendly website was a must.


Through several design meetings with the Court Street Coffee owners, we created a clean and refined new website design that was clean and simple, effective, and user friendly. The new website addressed the owners’ frustrations and even added some cool new functionality:

  • Brand Image: The new site’s simple, clean, and refined design reflect’s Court Street Coffee’s sophisticated cafe experience and will help them attract more of the professor and young professional crowd they are after.

  • User Friendly and Current: The new website provides the owners with a user-friendly interface, allowing them to regularly update menu items and pricing as well as upload new site content.

  • Mobile Responsiveness: The new website is fully mobile responsive, allowing for a user friendly browsing experience on all mobile devices.

  • New Functionality: The site will also be offering Online Ordering, integrated with their point-of-sale system, enabling Court Street Coffee to further differentiate themselves from their local competition.

Check out Court Street Coffee’s brand new website at and don’t forget to stop in, say hello, and grab a cup of coffee next time you are in Athens!

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